Are you looking to Increase Sharing of your social posts? Engagement and or sharing on social media is easy; well, at least the process of sharing a post is. What is more challenging is getting people to share your posts.

We are here to provide a few ideas that could help you get a lot better results. Spending just a bit more time and attention on each social media post can lead to better engagement.

Headlines Make a Difference

Consider this your first impression, your hook, or your attention grabber. Provide a solution to a known problem. Such as “Video Posts Improve Click rates.” If the customer has an issue getting people to click through to their content, this offers them a possible solution. Remember, the great majority of people are searching to solve a specific problem. Use numbers in your headline. Numbers are facts in people’s minds. “80% of people who do “X” improve their health.” Try creating a sense of urgency by using ones like “Three things you should do in your posts before your competition does.” There are other formats you can use, but these three are solid go-to options.


You have got their curiosity; now you need them to take action. You can use terms like, click now to learn how, call today and save, or help a friend and share now. All of these are used to try and get a customer to take action on your site. It is surprising how often people forget to have this. There are plenty of examples as to when it is not needed, but if you have a goal for a post, you need actions to reach that goal. Also, this is an excellent time to use special characters and or emojis.

Use Hashtags in your Content

People use hashtags to help find specific keywords such as #summertimefun, #howtobuildawebsite, or #bestpizza. They are a great way to increase the visibility of your posts and increase the overall engagement of your posts.
It is vital to use them strategically. When people find your post via a hashtag search, it is more likely to Increase Sharing of that post.

Use Line Breaks

Posts often do not do this, so it’s an excellent way to help your posts stand out and look more professional. Creating white space can draw the eye more to the content you want them to focus on. It also increases the height of the post, making it stand out even more.

Use of Images

Images help tell your story and engage the visual learners. Remember that we all absorb information in different ways. Some people prefer graphics over text. Make sure the graphic grabs their attention, similar to what we discussed in the headline section of this article.

Tag Appropriate Partners

If you collaborated with anyone or referenced someone or something, make sure you tag them. I had a great meal @acmefoodservices while traveling to @acmehotels. The use of tags is another way to increase engagements and encourages people to share your content. When partners increase sharing, you benefit.

Creating engaging posts people want to share involves a lot of trial and error. But, these suggestions, if executed regularly, can help. Need Help with social posting? Contact us today for a free consultation.