Are you being Overcharged for a B2B Service?

The people may change, but the story always remains the same. Small business “A,” asks another business “B” to help them in an area they do not have much experience doing. Because of that inexperience company “A,” more times than not, gets overcharged by company “B.” So why does this happen as frequently as it does and why do companies keep being Overcharged for a B2B Service?

Overcharged for a B2B Service

The main reason businesses Overcharged for a B2B Service is simple. Companies are not aware of what specific products or services should cost. The reason they do not know is due to the fact they are unaware of how much time and effort it would take the other company. If we blow a tire, we know that it will about 30-60 mins of actual labor for that tire to get replaced. Now when our computer breaks, and we lack knowledge of computers, we have no idea how long it can take to fix it. Therefore the company can charge what it sees fit, and the customer is none the wiser. Some companies believe that if the prices are reasonable, they will be viewed as “cheap” and or “incapable.” Generally, that is not the case at all; there are companies who believe that customers should be charged a fair price for good products or services.

There are several things you can do to avoid being Overcharged for a B2B Service. The first thing is always to get multiple quotes. Multiple quotes not only allow you to compare prices but what services are offered. Take a look to see if you are comparing apples to apples. Second, educate yourself on the problem at hand the best you can. If you do not know what the problem is, be forward and ask the vendor what their pricing rates are. If they are hourly, do they bill only by the hour or half or even quarter-hour? Finally, look for companies that stand by their work. If a company wants to bill you every time you have an issue, it could get expensive fast. That does not mean companies should never charge for on-going services; it just means they should also support their work.

These few tips could help you save the next time and avoid being Overcharged for a B2B Service. Here at ASEB Consulting, we take pride in offering our customers reliable and fair pricing. Also, we stand behind our work and do everything we can to make sure you are happy with the ROI. If you are looking for sales, marketing, web, or social help, let us know!