Quick Digital Marketing Tips

Digital Marketing is a cost-effective way for small businesses to get the “word” out to both new and existing customers. The reduced cost of digital efforts makes the barriers small businesses face less daunting. Below we offer a few quick digital marketing tips that could help your marketing efforts with minimal costs.

Google My Business

Make sure that your Google My Business page is current, accurate, and updated regularly. Reach out to existing customers and ask them to provide a review of your business and services. If people do, interact with them, by thanking them or even addressing a complaint. Negative reviews do not have to be the end of the world. Some business owners behave poorly and attack the person providing the report. Taking the time to address the person’s concern, offering a possible solution, and inviting them back for a better experience may be a better way to respond.


Although you do not need to be a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert, you should understand the basics or work with someone who can help you. Be careful, though; some companies will charge a lot for essential SEO services. Your Google My Business helps and look to some link building with local businesses. Look to get links from festivals, events, sports teams, newspapers, and other local groups. These links will add to your overall SEO performance. Any list you see offering quick digital marketing tips will always have SEO near the top of that list.

Have Strong Content

quick digital marketing tips

Content is something that can set you apart in a competitive local market. Remember, you are, or should be, the expert when it comes to what product and services you provide. That means there is a ton of content stuck in your head. it is your job to get that on to your site. The content should display your expertise and offer some “help” to the reader. This process also helps build trust with both existing and potentially new customers. Produce content consistently to ensure its effectiveness. Having solid content is a critical tip within our quick digital marketing tips because it is how people will get to know your business.

Visual Content

We have all heard it before; some people are just visual learners. That same goes for customers, some need pictures. Having quality visuals is critical to your digital marketing and online success. Do the graphics match the content of the page? Are the graphics current and clean? Using quality imagery is a must. Also, try and use as many images of your products and services as possible. If you do not want to spend the money on a photographer, you may be able to work with someone who can clean your images.

Email Marketing

The last of our quick digital marketing tips is Email Marketing. Develop and maintain a robust email marketing plan. Email marketing is a cost-effective way to keep your message and products in front of customers. Sure it may take some time, but the expense is low, and the possible return is high. It would help if you were consistent with sending emails. For example, send a “product review” every Tuesday (if applicable). Maybe on Thursday, you offer a tip of the week related to your business and services. Then you link these back to your site and the content you produced.

These are just five quick digital marketing tips that you may be able to do yourself. They are also services you can easily outsource as well. Small companies need to do more with less, especially in today’s world. Find the things that work for your business and focus your efforts there. If you need any assistance or could use free consultations, we are always happy to help.