Ok, so we used a catchy headline. The reason is that more businesses are getting hung up talking about themselves instead of telling customers how they can help them. Be it B2B or direct to consumers; you need to remind yourself of crucial challenges your buyers face and translate them into effective online communications. Define how your products or services meet a need your customers have.

If you’re looking to better your customer experience and build deeper connections with relevance, you need to make sure you have the correct tools in place. Below we offer a couple of suggestions that you may be able to use regularly.

Document customer experiences. The use of an online survey is an excellent place to start. The survey will allow customers to share their experiences with you, and the feedback can be anonymous. A critical aspect of this is to ask the right questions and make sure they are from the customer’s perspective. You are not trying to find out what you think should change; you are trying to determine what they believe should be changed.

Define the problems/needs your customers face and always offer a solution. Consumers want to know how a product or service adds value to their life and or business. Value can be the price, but also the quality. As a business, you need to earn the customer’s trust. Only talking about how great your business/product is, does not always address their specific needs. Talk to them, not at them.

As people and companies become more aware of different offerings, you must set yourself apart. Do that by defining the problems customers face and precisely telling them how your product/service addresses that problem. Be the leader within your niche and become the industry expert. Becoming the expert not only adds credibility to your business but also makes you better at what you do. In the end, let them know you are here for them.