As a small business owner, you need content, and even more importantly, it needs to be exciting and compelling content. You can publish things like articles, videos, or infographics on your site and then leverage your social media channels. Content does not just mean written; it means photos and videos as well. If your business is construction, let people follow along with daily photo updates. If you are a personal trainer, maybe you offer a weekly workout plan or a video showing how to do an exercise properly. No matter the business, you have something to share, you need to define and produce the content.

It doesn’t matter if you think your business or its industry lacks interest; every company has a unique story. The key when it comes to content is creativity and relatability. Your customers have problems and needs; you need to be creative to get them to see how your product or services address their needs. That is how they will relate to your brand.

Leverage your headlines and put significant thought into them. A compelling headline is how you will capture your audience’s attention. As a business, you have less than 10 seconds to grab the readers’ attention before losing them. The headline needs to compel the reader, or the customer, to read more. The headline needs to be sharable and clickable. Maybe you form the headline as a question, one you know your customers have. An example “Is a Keto Diet Healthy?” If you specialize in health and nutrition, this headline will draw people in the article. Within the article, you are creating trust and driving the customer to the next step. Maybe you are more authoritative, and you write “Stop Throwing Your Money Away in the Stock Market!” If you are a financial advisor, this may pique someone’s interest, and the headline is shareable as well.

In the end, find a way to leverage the content around you to grow your business. You do have a story, and you do have things that will interest your existing and potential customers.