3 Small Business Social Media Marketing Hacks

We are offering these 3 Small Business Social Media Marketing Hacks so these three words “social media marketing” don’t make a small business owner cringe. Now for small business owners who have embraced the social media revolution, they find it to be as needed as air itself. For many small business owners, the idea of having to manage multiple social media accounts cuts into time that they are already don’t have.

No matter our opinions of it, it is here to stay. Remember, 2020 has also emphasized the importance of social media and customer recruitment, engagement, and retention. The thought of now having to be responsible for managing social media to increase revenue can be a scary prospect. These 3 Small Business Social Media Marketing Hacks should help you; ASEB also offers some affordable options that could ease some of your stress.

Do not worry; you do not have to be among the social media elite to grow your following or get more attention. There are numerous known things (Hacks for those up on their current pop culture vocabulary) that can boost your social media presence.

 3 Small Business Social Media Marketing Hacks

Leverage Hashtags #usehashtags

At times we may mock the whole hashtag generation, but do not underestimate their social media power. Think of hashtags from both a micro and macro level. For example, on a macro level, if you are a photographer, you may have general (macro) hashtags like #photography, #sunsetphotography, and #lasndscapephotography. On the micro-level, you may start to narrow down your market.

Examples for micro hashtags would be #floridaphotographer #floridasunsets #miamiphotoprapher #miamisunsets, and #southbeachphotographer. Both have their place in social media marketing. Ensure you take some time and see what others (your competition) are using in their posts.

If you are new to the game, consider using a hashtag generator such as all-hashtag.com.

Find the Right Times

So you have created, or your marketing partner has, a fantastic graphic to promote your latest deal. You are excited but can’t wait to post. Well, that is the problem; when do you post it to maximize your ROI on that post? All audiences are different, so depending on your product or services, the time you post can vary. If you are looking for some benchmark numbers on posting times, there is a lot of content discussing the topic. You will most likely have to do some testing, post content at different times throughout the week, and see which times garner the most attention.

This approach may not sound like the most scientific way, but it may be the most effective way. Once you have identified the correct time, note that, and focus on that time.

Leverage Stories

Stories are becoming more and more popular, and the pandemic has only boosted its popularity. Stories allow you to engage with your customers personally and will enable you to speak directly to them. Many top brands use the ability to use video and record organic messaging that draws customers into their stories. We recommend that people again use trial and error with their story creation, see what kind of messaging works for your audience and which ones do not.

Although it is not part of our 3 Small Business Social Media Marketing Hacks, the number one thing we can tell you is that your messaging needs to be consistent. You need to have a schedule for your content and release content on a consistent and regular basis. If you don’t, then you are wasting your efforts. If you can not be consistent with your message, how do you expect customers to be consistent with their purchasing?

None of these 3 Small Business Social Media Marketing Hacks is a magic bullet to skyrocket your sales, but all of them can help you increase your brand awareness and sales. Also, avoid using high priced companies that promise you outstanding results. Building your brand on social media is a process for smaller businesses and can take some time.

If you have an unlimited budget, sure, you can increase sales in a hurry, but most of us small businesses need to be selective on how we spend our dollars. If you need assistance, let us know, consultations are free, heck our first week of graphics are free! Check out our services here. In the meantime, good luck, and we hope that these three simple hacks can help you in some way.