As Florida slowly starts to open up their doors again; businesses need to accelerate the return of customers while also generating new customers along the way. 

Educating the public that you are open for business and that your business is clean and safe for them will be a critical aspect of everything you do.

We wanted to offer a couple of things that could have an immediate impact on driving traffic to your business. 

Have a Contest

Contests are great ways to get peoples to interest up in your business. Come up with a prize that you think will motivate them to come into your business. If you are a restaurant, maybe you give away a dinner for two or a free round of drinks. Service and retail could giveaway a free night at a hotel. Also, you could leverage other businesses and cross-promote the contest. Once you have the contest ready, market it heavily on social media, your mailings, and in-store as well. Do not forget that once you have a winner, you should promote that just as much. 

  • Have them take a photo at your business and post and tag you on social media.
  • Create a guessing contest you can only do onsite.
  • Spend “x” in-store and be entered.
  • These are just some examples; be creative nobody knows your customers better than you.

Leverage your Mailing Lists

If you have a mailing list, we hope you do, create a “back open” offer. An email campaign is a great and inexpensive way to communicate directly with your customer base. Assure them you are open, and that you have followed all the protocols to assure theirs and your safety. 

  • Offer an appreciation discount only available in-store.
  • Give away a special gift to the first “x” number of customers.
  • Offer a small Gift card on all in-store purchases for another local business.