Digital Marketing encompasses so much. Some of the main areas are content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and influencer marketing. So many “marketing” phrases, who does the average small business keep it all straight?

Digital marketing is not just a trend; it is the new normal for businesses wanting to grow and reach a broader audience. 

Assure your customers have a Mobile-Friendly Experience

Mobile users now make up over half of all web traffic. Consumers use their phones to compare prices, read reviews, and purchase products and services. The key to making your site more mobile-friendly is to make sure you reduce the clutter and assure products and services are easy to find and access. Buttons should be eye-catching and easy to read, calls to action need to be one of the first things the mobile user sees, and the site needs to load fast. 

Expand your Social Media Reach by using Video

Companies tend to see better engagements when using video on social media. Of course, knowing your customer base helps, video is not for every style of business. Be creative and draw the customer’s attention. Use comedy, art, or strike an emotional cord to bring people into the video and increase the likelihood of it getting shared. One thing to be aware of is the length of your video. A long video people tune out, short, and they may not understand your point. Video can help increase brand awareness and reach. 

Create engaging and Fun Email Campaigns

People get a lot of emails; you will have to get creative to grab your customer’s attention. Using humor in emails can be a great way to engage your customer; it can also be harmful if you go too far. Find a balance and play to your demographics. If your audience is sports parents, humor surrounding things that they can relate to should be received well. Use content that makes people smile and let them know how your product or service meets their needs.