The world has changed; there is a new normal. Are the days of customers browsing our stores over? When that version of normal returns is somewhat up in the air right now. One thing that is becoming more clear with each passing day of “voluntold” social distancing (sorry had to borrow that from the crew at “Grunt Style”), how customers shop and buy will change. Some small to mid-sized businesses have started to pivot their businesses to meet the new needs of their customers. Below are three things that you should consider doing sooner than later.

Make sure that customers can purchase via your website (for those businesses this is applicable)

If you sell a product, you need to be set up to sell online and have those products delivered by being shipped, delivered through a service, or picked up at your place of business. Restaurants have already started this, and from a delivery perspective, there are options for them. Some are even using their existing wait staff to assist in delivering locally. This approach will save you on the fees associated with delivery services but may cost you in other ways; the point is you should be looking at your options sooner than later. Also, make sure that you update your website with this new information and or option. Another note related to your website is that you need to make sure it is mobile-friendly, a vast majority of your customers will be coming to your site via a mobile device.

Leverage FREE Social Media and Email

Now is not the time, depending on our industry, that you should be “paying” for social promotional ads. Specifically, if you are a service-related business currently shut down due to government orders. Services that remain open may benefit from some promotion, but we are focused on those who are closed or have had their revenue severely reduced. Maybe you are a fishing charter business and want to be fully booked when things start to come back online. Are you taking reservations? Sure, you may not want to accept payments because you do not know when you may be able to start retaking customers, but you can also consider a new policy that allows customers to secure a date now and pay when you have the approval to begin operating. Maybe you want to run a promotion to those who book early. Use your social media accounts and email lists to communicate with your customers regularly.

Reevaluate your business model

If business is slow or non-existent in some cases, there is no better time to look at your current business model. Look at your revenue streams, your margins, and your overall health of your company. Are there things you could have different that could have got you through this? Maybe, maybe not. But what does it hurt taking the time to evaluate it? Are their other revenue streams you can create that may be outside your current focus? Are their products you could also sell that compliment your primary business? Many questions you can consider as you break things down. Our suggestion is to go through your business plan all over again, keep what is working for you, change what isn’t, and see if you can create new opportunities moving forward.

These are strange times, and we know many people are hurting. If you need help, ask us, and we will listen and offer our advice at no cost to you. Now is the time to talk ahold of your business and push it into a direction that will work within this new normal.