Let’s face it – web design can be overwhelming, expensive, and a headache. Also, more times than not, we see people overpaying for sites that should not have cost more than a few hundred dollars. Below are a few things we think you should have on your website.

1. Consistency in your Brand and Image

Companies that have sights using multiple color schemes, different logos, and different fonts confuse potential customers. It is critical that when laying out your site, you assure the designer or builder has the right logo, and you have defined the color theme. 

2. You Must Have A Call-to-Action

As business owners and somewhat by default a salesperson, it is our job to always leave the customer with some action they need to complete. If they complete or take that action, you now have an action of your own to make with the customer. That action by you then pushes that customer further into the sales funnel. 

3. SEO and Speed

Do not get forced into some magic SEO plan that someone tries to sell you. Not all SEO companies are wrong, and not all programs will waste your money, be diligent in your review of what is being offered to you. Optimizing your site with a common-sense approach should not cost you thousands of dollars. Speed also plays a role in how a site may rank in google. Any reputable designer will be able to assist you with this aspect at a pretty reasonable price.

4. Mobile Friendly

You might build a great website that looks good when viewed on a desktop or laptop, but when being displayed on a cell phone or tablet, it becomes very cluttered, unorganized, and hard to navigate. Over 80% of people now search for info on their phones. That makes the need for a mobile site all that more critical. 

5. Easy Navigation

Make your site easy to navigate. Nothing drives a potential customer more crazy than a website you can not find anything on. If it is not within one click away; it needs to be fixed. Limit the number of pages, remember you are trying to drive people to a specific place. Do not lose sight of that goal.

6. Email Marketing

Although an older form of staying connected, email marketing still plays a significant role in keeping customers and potential customers in the loop of your services and content. Most likely, getting people to sign-up for your newsletter will be one of your calls-to-action. In today’s world, data is currency, and building your email list is similar to putting money in the bank.

If you are a small business, you can leverage a reliable website to grow your business. It does not, nor should it, cost an absorbent amount of money. Find a company that will work with you, listen to your goals, and presents you with something that makes sense.