Lead generation is and will always be the centerpiece of any small business marketing strategy. Regardless of what your long-term goals are or where you see yourself in the future, you need to have a sustainable level of growth to get there. So it would help if you had as many quality leads today as you can get.

Businesses of all sizes use a variety of different lead generation techniques daily, from making an effort to boost their SEO to social media engagement. One option, and overlooked one, is leveraging video to tell your story, or how you can solve a problem. Furthermore, video reviews and or testimonials have an impact on lead generation and customer engagement.

A video testimonial is more than just a short video featuring one of your existing, satisfied customers. It’s a powerful, effective way to show how valuable your products and services are. But more than that, it lets you create an authentic experience for your potential customers.

Videos also allow you to create more engaging social media content. Content that can inspire or motivate buyers to take action as it relates to your product and or services. Try not to overproduce these types of videos. Please make sure they are more on the authentic side and not staged. Ask your customers to record one and post to social media tagging you in the video.

If you are not using testimonial videos, consider making it part of your lead generation strategy in the future. At the very least, make it part of your social media strategy to maximize customer engagement and grow your brand.