As the “busy” season approaches in Southwest Florida, small businesses need to find a way to get more customers on a budget. Acquiring more or new customers does not have to be expensive. Below are 6 Ways to Get More Customers on a budget in Southwest Florida.

One way to get more bang for your marketing buck is to cross-promote with other businesses near you. Leave material at each company promoting one another, have a discount at one location if you purchase at another, and vice versa. Leveraging those around you and working together can provide positive results for all, and the best part, it costs next to nothing.

A significant trend in today’s marketplace is small business holding some type of class. Often people do this as a group or even a friends night out. If you have a company that this would work with, you may be able to generate new business by just teaching others more about what you do. Also, this is a cost-effective approach.

Are your products also for sale online? If so, do you have a pickup in-store option? The goal is to get them into the store. Once there, most will take some time to look at what other products they may have an interest in buying.

Are you collecting email addresses from all of your customers? If not, you are leaving money on the table. In today’s business world data is nearly as good as cash. Email marketing, especially retargeting efforts, can be useful. Your best customer is the one who has already purchased and trusts your business. Use those emails to not only market products and services, but also to show your expertise in the area your company specializes.

Solve a problem that your customers and or potential customers face. Being a solution to a problem makes your product or service invaluable to the customer. Every day people are looking to solve some problem or another. Know what those problems are and how your product or services address it, and you should see an increase in business.

Take the time to review your website and your SEO strategy. It is crucial to stay on top of your digital side of your business to assure you are reaching the right market. Often your website is the customers “first impression.” Everyone knows that we only get one shot at a first impression; at least that is how the saying goes. That statement is mostly true. Make sure you leave a great first impression.